[ltp] XFree IBM770Z Docking Display

Erik Cummings linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 18:29:05 -0800

I am a relative newbie to Linux, so forgive any really stupid questions...

Mandrake 6.1 on a 770Z 8AU.  Using a Docking Station III.

I had X running just fine on the latop itself.  However, after running X
with the laptop in the Docking Station, the display no longer works without
it.  The console is fine, the video card hasn't changed...when I run X all I
get is a blank screen.  Ctl-Alt-BSp shuts it down just fine.  Put it back in
the dock and run X and all is good again.

I have managed to get the Netgear ethernet card recognized, but it will not
load at boot.  It fails every time.  When I do a manual insmod tulip - then
the interface is there, and if I do the appropriate ifconfig params, it
comes up and works great, but at boot it always fails and then does not
load.  I also have a 3Com Etherlink PCMCIA card that always works fine (I
think - haven't connected via it yet...but it loads and interface is up...)

Any clues on those?

Happy Holidays to all...

Erik Cummings
Network Engineer
ZD Events

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