seeing mem - dud bulbs!

Michael B. Sayer
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 21:46:11 +0530

No I didn't find the "square", I cut pasted from another email - so I guess
it is about keyboard mapping?  I cannot find the "square"

Apologies if this is getting tedious.  Apologies if I'm missing the point
 called barking mad where I come from!!)  Where is it (the "square") and for
the life of me I cannot find a way to character map the keyboard I Linux.

There's gotta be a way.

I'm also outta lightbulbs %-).


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Wow, you _did_ find a way to type that square!
What that original message looked like to me (describing for fear of
more character set issues) was that you need an equal sign ('=', if that
didn't get garbled) between the mem and the number.