XF86_SVGA for 770X seems to be corrupted

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Tue, 8 Jun 1999 15:20:40 +0200

I'm using Bill Mair's XF86_SVGA and the XF86Config for my TP770X (13.7) 8MB
RAM Cyber9397.
When doing a 'startx' bash tells me: The File XF86_xxxx (binary of
X-Server) doesn't seem to be a binary file.
But I'm sure it is. May be it's corrupted. I used IE4 and Netscape under
AIX to download and used different 'unzipper'. Always the same error
message appears.
Any ideas?
My Linux is SuSE 6.1 Kernel 2.2.7, using XFree

Perhaps it's easier  to build a new XF86_SVGA. But I guess I'm a Lotus
Domino Man and all I can do is Hello World!

So how to recompile the sources after patching the code using the

Thanx 4 help!

Passages from XF86Conf

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "TP770X-LCD-1280x1024"
    VendorName  "IBM"
    ModelName   "TP770X (13.7)"
    HorizSync           30-65
    VertRefresh         50.0-70.0
    ModeLine "1280x1024"    110    1280 1328 1512 1712   1024 1025 1028

Section "Device"
    Identifier  "TP770X-XGA"
    VendorName  "IBM"
    BoardName   "TP770X"
    Option      "accel"

Section "Screen"
    Driver      "SVGA"
    Device      "TP770X-XGA"
    Monitor     "TP770X-LCD-1280x1024"
    DefaultColorDepth 16
    Subsection "Display"
     Depth       8
     Modes       "1280x1024"
     ViewPort    0 0
     Virtual     1280x1024

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