second hard disk trouble

Rob Mayoff
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 11:06:12 -0500 (CDT)

+---------- On Jun 15, Olivier Croissant said:

| Rob,
| Finally I have this 770Z working in dual boot with Window98 and linux Redhad
| 6.0
| Everything began to work when I used partition magic to do the partitioning
| thing.
| My conclusion is NT4.0 tools for partitioning and disk management are a
| piece of crap.
| I did :
| -Reinstall fresh Win98 with reformating the whole disk
| -install partition magic
| -delete the D: drive
| -Install Redhat 6.0 Workstation. Apparently it created automatically a 22
| meg partion for the boot,
| a ~5 gig partition for root and a 66meg partition for swap space.
| apparently it did it to complete a 8 gig space.
| -i used partition magic to create an additional 5.3 GiG of Fat32 partition
| to be accessible from win98 and linux
| with no barriers
| I used the SVGA_Server and the XF86Config of Bill Mair to have the video
| working , despite the last version that I downloaded seemed to have a bug
| here is a version that work for me.

You should send it to Bill, not me.

| I am wondering now about the sound ..

I bought the OSS driver.  I'm still using RH 5.2.  I have heard that the
2.2 kernel sound drivers work, though.  I can't help you set them up