configuring the cpu to run 'hot' on battery power

Bill Mair
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:54:40 +0200

Rob Mayoff wrote:

> | does anyone know (off the top of their heads) what i must utter to
> | PS2.EXE to let the cpu run at 366MHz on battery power?
> Just hold down Fn-F11 for about 1 second.  That toggles the CPU speed.

Three options depending on the TP type:

Command Syntax : PS2  SPeed   Fixed  MAX|Medium|Slow|MIN  [AC|DC]
                              Auto       Medium|Slow|MIN  [AC|DC]

Command Syntax : PS2  SPeed   Fixed  MAX|Medium|Slow  [AC|DC]
                              Auto       Medium|Slow  [AC|DC]

Command Syntax : PS2  SPeed   Fast|Medium|Slow