New XFree86 now available !

Jamie Zawinski
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:40:58 -0700

Mark Kennedy wrote:
> 1) using this X server with the proper truetype font configuration means that
> all of those ugly pages produced using win32 tools suddenly become
> readable.  i don't know how to characterize these "bad" pages other than to
> say that they frequently use fonts with names like "arial" and "verdana".

A much easier approach is to sed your binary so that the FONT tag
no longer recognises the FACE attribute.  Having done that, I would
never consider going back.

The FONT SIZE attribute is next on the chopping block, but I haven't
quite decided on that one yet -- because I have, in fact, seen web pages
whose appearance was improved by the use of multiple font sizes, though
I have never (not once, not ever) seen one where face changes have been
anything but irritating.

Jamie Zawinski