New XFree86 now available !

Jamie Zawinski
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 20:24:38 -0700

Rob Mayoff wrote:
> | And secondly (way off topic): Every now and then I see people requesting
> | "favourite.ico" for my pages. Is this a M$ application thingy ?
> That means somebody likes you. When someone bookmarks your page in
> IE 5.0, IE (without asking the user, AFAIK) asks your server for
> /favorite.ico and uses it as the icon for your page's bookmark.

I suggest all of you copy to the root of
your sites' document trees.

BTW, anyone know of a Unix tool that can write .ico files?  I found one
that can convert .ico to .xpm, but nothing that goes the other way.

Jamie Zawinski