Modem suggestions, please?

William H. Ball
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:12:16 -0400

Rob Mayoff wrote:
> | My question is: does anyone have a good reccomendation for a PCMCIA modem
> | card that will work with Linux?

the below is good advice... but i can highly recommend the Viking V.90
56K pcmcia modem (which can be found on sale at CompUSA occasionally)


billy ball

> Anything that's not a WinModem should work. From the SUPPORTED.CARDS
> file in pcmcia-cs 3.0.9:
> Modem and serial cards:
>         [ Virtually all modem cards, simple serial port cards, and
>         digital cellular modems should work.  The only prominent
>         exceptions are the Compaq 192, the New Media WinSurfer, the
>         Megahertz XJ/CC2560, 3Com 3CXM356/3CCM356 and 3CXM656/3CCM656,
>         and other so-called "WinModems" that require special Windows
>         drivers.  ISDN modems that emulate a standard UART are also
>         supported. ]
>         Advantech COMpad-32/85 dual serial
>         Omega Engineering QSP-100
>         Quatech, IOTech dual RS-232 cards
>         Quatech quad RS-232 card
>         Socket Communications dual RS-232 card
>         Trimble Mobile GPS