battery lossage?

Jamie Zawinski
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:23:29 -0700

I've got a TP770ED, and I bought a second battery.  It worked great for
about two weeks -- then the new battery went dead.  That is, after
having used it for a few weeks, and having charged/discharged it (not
fully) a dozen or so times, it would no longer take a charge at all.
When you socket the battery, the thinkpad first says "0%", then draws
the little left-arrow "charging" indicator for a second -- then that
goes off, and it just keeps blinking 0%.  As if it's saying "well, I
thought you had plugged in a battery, but really it's a block of wood."

So, I figured I got a dud battery.  A few months later, I finally got
around to buying a new one.

Guess what, the same thing happened!

So now I'm thinking that this machine eats batteries.  I think both of
them died while plugged into the right-side port, so maybe this only
happens with that port, or maybe only when two batteries are plugged in.

Normally I leave the machine running on wall power, with both batteries
plugged in.  Then one morning, one of the batteries was dead and the
other was fine.  (Well, two mornings, actually.)

Have any of you experienced this, or heard about anything like it?

Jamie Zawinski