Install on existing D Drive

Bill Mair
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:54:41 +0200


> Can I perform a Server class install without losing the 'C' drive( and that
> dear little bug that I've gotten used to :Windows 95) now that I have
> removed the other partitions?Thanks

The Linux install sure is a great anti-virus software... ;-)

Seriously though.

I have WinNT, OS/2 Warp4  and a data partition (all FAT), and Linux
running on my system, so there shouldn´t be a problem installing Linux
on yours.

Just make sure that you have enough free (unassigned) disk space for
the Linux native partition and if required a Linux swapper.

I use OS/2´s boot manager to select which OS I want to use, but lilo
can also be installed in the MBR to do the same thing.