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George Staikos linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 14:04:40 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Michael Herron wrote:

> I was hoping to see some responses to your note as I am considering
> getting a 1460 myself.  Since you seem to have had success, I may bite
> the bullet, get one of the things, and try install RH 6.1.

  It's a *nice* machine!  One other thing is that it uses a lucent
winmodem which I think has a preliminary driver (by Pavel Machek??) but I
don't know if it's really in any working state yet.

> 1. Does APM really work?  ie, after suspend, does X resume etc?

   Yes.  I do it regularily :)

> 2. What size hard disk are you using?  How much ram?  Did you buy an
> ethernet/model PCMCIA card?  Which one?

   4.8gb disk, 64mb of ram.  I have a 3com 589E 10baseT card and it was
picked up right away, no problems.

> 3.  Also, I have never installed linux although I have plenty of unix
> experience in terms of hp-ux and solaris.  When you say that you used
> the frame buffer with SVGA to get 1024x768, what does that mean?

   Linux has a framebuffer driver in the kernel to let you use
vga/framebuffer modes in console mode.  I had to do that to get X to work.

> 4.  Is your machine dual-boot linux/Windows 98?

  Yes.  I wiped the machine, created a 1.6gb disk for windows so I can
watch dvds, installed off the recovery cd, and then installed redhat

> Basically, I am looking for a decent laptop for around $2000 and I
> need to be able to install linux without a huge hassle.  There are too
> many things on my plate at the moment, so I am looking for a machine
> that will take RedHat without a excessive hacking.

  Expect a night or two at most...  It's not perfect but it's getting
there :)


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