[ltp] i1200 and graphics initialisation

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> Hello,
> I am using an i1200 series ThinkPad (Model 1161) and have a problem using
> X. When I'm doing a cold boot, X has some severe drawing errors such as
> not drawing window backgrounds. However, when I first start Win 98 and
> then reboot into Linux everything's fine which leeds me into thinking,
> that the graphics card (Silicon Motion Lynx 3M+, with XSVGA and
> smi-driver) needs some initialisation that the X-Server cannot provide.
> Unfortunately, the driver for my card is not documented.

I don't have my 1161 handy right now, but I don't have the problem.
Using RedHat 6.2, XFree 3.x, default setup.  They only issue I had
was I had to widen the vsync from 60Hz to 55-60Hz. Otherwise
I've had no X problems.  Can you give me a specific example that I
can reproduce?

My main problem is that I still can't get the ethernet card going.
The same card works on the 770 running the same installation
(RedHat 6.2) at work. I'm guessing it has something to do with
a new PCMCIA controller, although someone has suggested it
might have something to do with sound.


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