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Dr. Paul Picot linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:52:14 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, James Hawtin wrote:

(in reply to my post)
> Do you have any install at all on your TP? Does not working mean no X?
> What thinkpad do you have? If you have linux installed what kernel
> version, if you have X want version.

I have a model i1482. (celeron 500, 192 MB ram, 12 GB disk, ATI Rage
mobility driving a 1024x768 14.1" screen)

My distributions are from 

First attempt was Mandrake 7.0-2, from an i486 CD.  I can't remember why
that would not even boot.

Second attempt was lnx4win from the 7.1 i586 CD, because I didn't want to
mess with the partitioning until I knew I could get X working.  After 22
hours into the install, it hung the machine solid and would not boot.

OK, linux on a windows filesystem is dumb, so last weekend I just booted
from the CD on faith, repartitioned the disk to clear 4GB for linux and
let Mandrake do its thing.  It's not handy, and I don't have the kernel/X
versions, but the URL above should give you that.

Utter magic followed: 30 minutes later I had a complete install, with X

Still to get working:
- My Xircom RealPort network card (grrr...)
- Sound still needs to be configured, but the hardware works (play CDs,
adjust volume)
- the eraserhead pointing thingy does not work (can't stand it anyway, and
I use a USB mouse, which *does* work)
- I mouse left-handed, and KDE refuses to swap mouse buttons (gnome does,

Lots of other wrinkles too (keyboard mapping, power/sleep and APM
functions, CD handling, UDF on CD-R/W (read only), DVD...)

So far, I can't dispense with Win98 entirely: I need it for networking (at
least until the *&^@#&%Xircom is working) and for a goofy data acquisition
card for which I'm not prepared to write drivers (just yet).

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