[ltp] lockups and other strangeness in tp 600

Forrest English linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
17 Apr 2001 18:19:17 PDT

i've got a thinkpad 600, and i've had no problems whatever with xfree
3.3.6 in the few days i've had it.  but, xfree 4.0x causes all kinds of

some of these may or may not be related to xfree.  but, i thought i'd
throw this out there.

1. starting x will somtimes work...  most of the time, it'll start up,
and the fonts won't be fully drawn (both in blackbox, twm, and icewm).	
i can move my mouse, but as soon as i click on anything...   x shoots to
taking up 100% cpu, and i can't ctl+alt+backspace it, and i can't go to
another tty anymore.   i can still ssh in, but it's very, very slow.  
killing x has no effect, still can't switch to a tty, and the display
goes black.    

2. not sure if this is related to the above issue, but later on with
these problems, with me trying over and over, and it somtimes hanging on
shutdown...  or before i realized i could ssh in...   so, anyhow.  when
i'd try to start x, it'd say that /tmp/.X11(or somthing like that) didn't
have the right permissions, root.root.	it was root.root, but, i tried rm
-rf ing it and trying again.  it created the files again, and had the
same message.	at this point, i didn't know what to do at all.

3. the aforementioned hanging on shutdown fairly often.  at the point
where it'll say... "Rebooting..." after all the proc's are shutdown, it
would hang there forever.  so, i was forced to shut it down with the
power button.	

4. froze a couple times on booting up as well.

5. in windows, it froze just sitting there after booting up.  when even
windows rarely freezes.

now, i'm fairly sure that some of this is hardware related... and the
machine is still under warrentee, but, what exactly do i do?   say "hey
ibm, this thing locks up in windows, and it locks like crazy in linux,
could you fix that?"	seems like they'd just tell me to go away.  not
to mention the machine has freebsd on it right now (which with xfree
3.3.6 i've yet to have problems with....).

i'm open to suggestions here.  i like freebsd, but i'd preffer to go back
to familier territory of linux.   but i can't until it will let me use x,
and not lock up on startup/shutdown at random.

what does anyone think is wrong?  how could i test if it's that specific
thing, and what should i do regarding getting ibm to fix whatever is


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