[ltp] ibmtr_cs 2.2.18 and DHCP

Burt Silverman linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 00:12:41 -0500

Markus writes:

>I talked to one of our network guys a few days ago about this RPS stuff.
>I must admit that I didn't completely understand everything he was
>telling me, but the bottom line is (as far as I got it): There is no
>possibility to change the RPS even if it appears to be "misconfigured".
>This is because we run a switched Token Ring network and therefore have
>no more bridges. And the RPS setting is kind of hardcoded in the
>switches' microcode.

I believe that you are correct that it is a matter of code upgrade rather
than configurability. But this is true with both bridges and switches. It
is a matter of someone taking the time to find out from the switch
manufacturer what the proper software/microcode level is. But I have been
no more successful than you trying to get the network operators to do that.
If I had suggested configurability previously, I was probably being
(overly) optimistic.

>Another point: Even if the screwed up RPS could (and will) be changed in
>our LAN, I may still run into the same trouble when I connect to another
>site's LAN where the RPS is also "misconfigured". As I wrote in my first
>message starting this thread, I found out about this DHCP problem while
>trying to get the network connection going in another IBM location next
>to ours.

It is like the old story of the shoe maker's children with no shoes!

>Conclusion: It would really be nice if the Token Ring driver would be
>more "foregiving" as you said, Burt, with regard to any kind of
>"misconfigured" LAN parameters. As earlier versions of driver have
>shown, this should be possible.

There is something on the way. Keep an eye out on www.linuxtr.net. At some
point, I expect that they will be looking for testers. But I still wish the
networks would be maintained with that extra level of care. From time to
time, a firmware or software upgrade is appropriate - be it with ThinkPad
PC's (I learned recently that it is proper to use the term ThinkPad as an
adjective), RS/6000's, or networking gear.

Burt had said
>> If you don't have a sniffer, I am fond of the iptrace utility on AIX,
>> it will do essentially the same thing.

I need to correct my mistake. iptrace does show the MAC headers very
nicely, but it only catches IP packets. It is not a substitute for a
sniffer. Sorry about that.

Glad to hear that things are working, in general, Markus.


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