Thinkpad Freezing (Re: [ltp] Odd apm issue)

Douglas Bridges
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 14:12:32

On my A2m, the machine was locking up in X after I left it sitting for a 
while. It wasn't the screensaver that was killing me; it was the X screen 
blanking. Since I disabled the screen blanking, I haven't had any problems. 
XScreensaver still works great.


>From: "D. Sen" Reply-To: To: 
> Subject: Re: Thinkpad Freezing (Re: [ltp] 
>Odd apm issue) Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 06:55:04 -0500
>It seems to render itself in different ways for different people. I never 
>see a hang when it comes out of suspend/standby. Instead, my machine 
>reliably (everytime and within a few minutes) hangs when I run 
>xscreensaver. It will also hang if I am moving something accross the screen 
>really fast............(an xterm window being click and dragged accross the 
>window, for example).......but this does not everytime.
>Perhaps if we had more details of the bug and whats required of the kernel 
>patch, one of us could help Tim write the kernel patch....
>Rodd Zurcher wrote:
> > --On Wednesday, January 24, 2001 09:47:56 -0500 "D. Sen" > wrote: > > [ 
>scrolling X hang discussion deleted ] > > > Do other people experience the 
>freezing? It does not co-incide with any > > messages in the syslog. The 
>only out of it is to do a power-recycle. > > Yup. Same here. Seems a known 
>timing bug in some Savage/MX/IX chipset (per > Tim) seems the windows 
>drivers have workarounds, but they are difficult to > implement in linux. > 
> > We have 2 T20's with identical linux installs and only 1 exhibits the X 
> > lockup problem. > > I've tired just not installing the sound drivers and 
>several APM > configurations (switching to vt1, etc) and I still hang 3 out 
>of10 times > when comming out of sleep. > > What X driver does IBM use when 
>shipping Linux on a T20? Do they have the > problem? > > rbz > > Rodd 
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