[ltp] Is 800x600 possible on 365X (2625-2E9) DSTN?

david feldman linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 04 Jun 2001 13:20:49 -0600

I've spent more time than I'd like trying to get ANY Linux
distribution going in a Thinkpad 365X (with 11.3" DSTN display).
In general I can get 640x480 at 256 colors to work to some
extent, but that's not very satisfactory because some of the
applications don't set up scroll bars (and I haven't yet found
a scrolling-desktop window manager), and in any event when
exiting "X" the character-mode display is mangled (it looks like
downloaded font tables get overwritten; no fix possible that I've
seen yet.) Any 800x600 option results in the display having two
bright yellow lines across it but nothing otherwise visible...


Dave wb0gaz@hotmail.com

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