[ltp] 2nd HDD in Multibay (600x)

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02 Oct 2001 10:52:26 -0500

>>>>> "Boyan" == bt  <Boyan> writes:

    Boyan> On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Brian Button wrote:

    >> Boyan,
    >> I have a 770X, but I have recently installed a 2nd HDD, and it
    >> works great.  I'm not trying to boot off of it, but I see no
    >> reason why it couldn't. For my system, I had to make sure that
    >> the drive had a caddy, and then buy a 2nd HDD adapter from
    >> Bolder, CO IBM. It works great, though.
    >> I can answer with more details if you like, like part numbers.

    Boyan> Yes, please. Could you tell me the parts' numbers and what
    Boyan> are the hardadisks that would fit. If I have for example a
    Boyan> fujitsu or toshiba hdd would it fit as well?

The hdd adapter that I got was the FRU 11J8941. There is also a page
that lists the compatibility matrices for all the IBM hard drives at


    Boyan> Well, I subscribed the list but then, how could I ask a
    Boyan> question and where?  I see only threads but none is related
    Boyan> to the topic.

Just send Bill email. There is a link to do that on his prices and
products page.


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