[ltp] Looking for small Kernel .config file for Thinkpad T22

Markus Alt linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 00:09:04 +0200

"Ren=E9 Brenner" wrote:
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> Hi all
> I'm looking for someone who compiled an own kernel for the T22 only wit=
> the
> essential options that are needed for running the T22. I'm using Debian=
> Linux ("Woody") with Kernel 2.4.10.
> =

> I'm using the kernel sound module cs46xx for Sound. I saw people using =
> option Thinkpad=3D1 and I wonder for what is it good at all.

This activates the so called CLKRUN hack for ThinkPads, which means the
PCI bus power saving won't affect the sound system. Before this hack was
available, you had to turn off PCI bus power saving in the BIOS in order
to get sound working.


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Markus Alt
IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany

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