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Tom Allison linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 06:00:27 -0400

Madhusudan Singh wrote:

> This is a ThinkPad mailing list, so your comments about Desktops are 
> irrelevant. But could not resist addressing your comments about distros.
> On Monday 22 October 2001 10:43, Tod Harter wrote:
>>Well, Mandrake seems to be about the best desktop distribution around these
>>days. Sometimes it has a few rough spots, as they tend to try to be very
>>"bleeding edge" with their packages (and they seem to have by far the
>>largest selection of packages available, plus 90% of RH 7.x packages work
>>fine on Mandrake, which is nice).
>>Debian is a great and wonderful thing, but it has 2 major problems. One,
>>its a hobbyist effort and doesn't necessarily cater to people's real needs.
> Though debian is purely GPL, I would not dare to call it unstable. It is 
> perhaps the most stable of all Linux (another "hobbyist" effort :) ) distros. 
> Most experienced admins go for Debian as their first choice. And something 
> that is that stable cannot be in justice called a "hobbyist effort". If 
> anything, it shows professionalism.

I'm very disappointed in your comments being so off based.
This is a notebook arena and not a distro arena.
And you have insulted my distro of choice sir and I demand satisfaction! 
  I demand flinging CD's at 20 paces!

Seriously,  I selected debian because it seemed at the time to have 
excellent support for notebook wants (apm, irda, pcmcia).  Maybe not 
bleeding edge, but ease of installation and support available.

I recognize your right to advocate one distro. -- but please refrain 
from making negative comments about others.  It's bad for the Linux 
Community as a whole.

BTW - one of my fondest aspects of Debian is the apt-get uptility.  This 
has been recognized as probably the best package management utility 
available to Linux.  It rocks!

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