[ltp] I need Linux on my ThinkPad 600E but...

Paul Hahn linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 03 Sep 2001 21:45:17 -0700

Hi, I have RedHat 7.1 installed on my Thinkpad 240 currently. You will 
not have any problems if you do not install the lmsensors package. I am 
not sure where it is at in the install proceedure-- I have not installed 
RedHat in a while-- but you can select packages individually before 
proceeding with the installation. Do this and do not install this 
package. Red Hat will inform you if the package has any dependencies 
that it cannot install that use this. Just do not install them.

P.S.: If you do install it it will not automatically damage your laptop 
as it is not loaded into the kernel. I actually have it on my machine-- 
but don't use it. This is dangerous though, and is only a temporary 
situation-- as I was in a hurry when I installed it. A quick web search 
reveals more details about how to install this and I know there are many 
responses to this in this mail archive. Hope I helped a little bit, 
sorry I could not help more.


Pino Giaquinto wrote:

>I need Linux RedHat 7.1 on my ThinkPad 600E but...
>15 Jul 2000
>There have been two reports (that I know of) of people testing the I2C
>support on their ThinkPads (770) after which an EEPROM where vital system
>information is stored was corrupted (POST ERROR 188 - EEPROM CRC ERROR).
>When this happens you need to go to your nearest IBM service center and have
>the main board changed ! As more information becomes available I will post
>it here.
>How can install RedHat without these problems ???
>I cannot destroy my notebook... I need it !
>Please help me !
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