[ltp] CS4232 driver in 2.4.17

Peter Hutnick linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:21:55 -0700

Has anyone gotten the cs4232 driver that is included with very recent kernels 
to work?

I have a TP 600, and have given up on the alsa drivers.  I have gotten the 
native driver to work for a few minutes at a stretch by building all the 
sound stuff as modules and using (RedHat 7.2) sndconfig, but it never lasts.

I would prefer to not have it as a module, but if I do that it 1. plays the 
sndconfig sample.au (Hello, this is Linus Torvalds and I pronounce Linux as, 
Linux) only as far as half the "o" in "Hello".  Mp3s "echo" very badly, 
though it sound kind of nice with good harmonizing ;-).  I get the exact same 
sound with mpg123 or mpg321, so I assume it is the driver.

Also, when I use the kde mixer it makes noises when I adjust the line volume, 
even if I close and kill the mixer.  Have to log out of KDE to stop it, then 
it gives "sox: Can't open output file '/dev/dsp': Device or resource busy" if 
I try to play any sound.

I have the following lines in grub.conf, which I am pretty sure are correct:

   title Pete's Custom Kernel
           root (hd0,0)
           kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.17 ro root=/dev/hda3 cs4232=0x530,5,1,0,0x330,9

The only thing that seems to be weird is from Documentation/sound/CS4232 
which mentions loading the ad1848 driver, but the ad1848 driver docs say that 
it is experimental and does not list any crystal stuff in what it supports.  
I'm thinking it's a typo, but there is no contact for that document.  It also 
seems like it wouldn't work at all without that driver if it was needed.  And 
the sound works normally (on the rare occasion that it works) without that 
module if I use modular sound.

I'm pretty frustrated.  Anyone have it working?  Any suggestions?


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