[ltp] TFT matrix cleaning

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 00:21:06 +0000

Michal Lisecki wrote:
> Hello evb,
> I'm very sorry for going slightly off the linux topic but I've been
> wondering what do you use to clean your TFT displays?

I've found that camera-lens cleaning kits do a nice job. They're 
designed to work on optical components, which often have a very soft 
coating (the purple "bloom" on a lens is only 125 nm thick). You can buy 
the lens cleaner and some lens tissue for a few pounds.

Hope that's helpful


> I've never hesitated to just dry-clean my old TP 560 800x600 with a soft
> cloth after blowing on it but you don't have to tell me how unprofessional
> and reckles I've been to do so. Now so that I have a cute T20 with a
> brilliant 14" TFT I once again am facing cleaning it off all the greasy
> spots and dust. I am afraid that getting any professional, so to say,
> cleaning agents will be difficult where I live so could you point me to any
> other ways that I could do that without ruining my TFT?
> Thanks for all you pieces of advice.

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