[ltp] tpctl and Thinkpad R30

ZeiMoT linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 21:39:41 +0200 (MEST)

Greetings all,

A lame poem for you all,

Happy are those with Thinkpads that can make use of the tpctl utility.
Happy are those with a hardware modem or softmodems with working drivers.
I, am not happy.

That is how I feel, and inspiration died since my battery light began to
flash in orange.

My thinkpad R30 is brand new (almost), I have maximum 1=BD battery time.. i=
that normal? I cannot use the tpctl utility because the R30 does not have
a SMAPI BIOS or Super I/O chip. I can control nothing. There is no
software modem available (in fact, all I need to know is how the hardware
works and then write a driver for it, softwaredriven modemsounds......
cannot be that hard.. but there is no info on the subject.
So what is really included in my system??
The PS2.EXE works fine (until I stupidly boots windows which screws
everything .... like putting my powersavings to some reversed mode which
makes the processor slow down on AC and run like a beast on battery.. and
the battery goes dead within an hr.

Oh, yes I am still here, I plugged myself... erm... the R30 into the AC.
som it's all fine now... except, I cannot change the powersavings again...
it's so slow now that I am running my R30 on AC... And I do not which to

  -=3D< ZeiMoT >=3D-

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