[ltp] Video for thinkpad 760xl

Jim Redmond linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 13:41:35 -0500

Which version of XFree are you using?

If you're trying 3.x, then stick to the Cyber 9385; linux-laptop.net has
two sites listed, one of which has an excellent XF86Config file.  I used
that file on my own 760XL (running a freakish potato/woody hybrid), and
it works like a dream at 800x600 resolution with 16-bit color.  (One of
these days I'll get around to completing the upgrade to woody.  probably
when woody becomes officially stable.)

If you're trying 4.x, the chip is identified as a TGUI 9660.  Your
resolution is still limited to 800x600x65536 by the hardware, though.  I
think I have a config file for that around somewhere, but I'll have to
check that out after work tonight.

If you aren't sure which version of XFree you're using, your distro's
documentation should have it.  And if it doesn't, someone on here might
be able to identify the version based on the distro, but only if you
tell us which distro.  ;)

Jim Redmond

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