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Micah DS linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 20:38:59 +0000

Distro: Slackware 8.0
XFree86: 4.2.0

Also: I have installed Slakcware's A* and N* Packages and then Downloaded 
XFree86, then copied from the slackware CD KDE, then ran the installer again 
to add KDE (After I setup XFree86 of course =)

To Chuck -> You say you have RH7.2, Did you install via GUI? When I tried, 
mine crashed during the initializing of the GUI...

To Jim -> you say to use TGUI 9660 - Where do I put that at in XF86Config? 
Under Device as Chipset, Driver, or whatnot?

>What Distro of Linux and X are you using. I loaded RedHat 7.2 and it 
> >loaded
>with out any problems, I have 800x600 on my machine. I'm not in Linux >now,
>but  seem to remember that I needed to pick 9514 LCD screen for it to 
> >work.

>Which version of XFree are you using?
>If you're trying 3.x, then stick to the Cyber 9385; linux-laptop.net >has
>two sites listed, one of which has an excellent XF86Config file.  I >used
>that file on my own 760XL (running a freakish potato/woody hybrid), and
>it works like a dream at 800x600 resolution with 16-bit color.  (One of
>these days I'll get around to completing the upgrade to woody.  >probably
>when woody becomes officially stable.)
>If you're trying 4.x, the chip is identified as a TGUI 9660.  Your
>resolution is still limited to 800x600x65536 by the hardware, though.  >I
>think I have a config file for that around somewhere, but I'll have to
>check that out after work tonight.
>If you aren't sure which version of XFree you're using, your distro's
>documentation should have it.  And if it doesn't, someone on here might
>be able to identify the version based on the distro, but only if you
>tell us which distro.  ;)
>Jim Redmond

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