[ltp] Looking for a new (used) IBM 760?

Charles E Taylor IV linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 18:18:14 -0400

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 17:11:10 -0500
Patrick S Murphy <psmurph1@juno.com> wrote:

> This price looks good to me...
> Fair Auction has an IBM model 760 166MMX with 32 meg, 3 gig hard drive,
> built in modem, CD drive, and Floppy with bids starting at:
> $179.76!

That's a bit more than I've seen them going on Ebay.  The 760 has that
lousy keyboard that makes it really difficult to type on if it's old, plus
if it's the XD it has an mwave modem which won't work (too old for IBM's
drivers) and mwave sound too - again with no native Linux support.  But
the XD*does* have a pretty nice screen (XGA) and it is otherwise pretty
well-supported under newer Linux distributions.  I had RH 7.2 on mine.

The guy's got the wrong picture up for the laptop, so I can't
tell if he's selling an XD or not.

IMO, a much better (old and dirt cheap) Linux machine is the 380XD - good
sound support and *much* snappier than my old 760XD, despite having
slightly less RAM.  It only does 800x600, but I haven't found that to be
much of a limitation. And the sound works. :)


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