[ltp] Grey volume buttons... and other special keys

ZeiMoT linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 23:31:07 +0200 (MEST)

On 17 Jun 2002, Rob Mayoff wrote:
> +---------- On Jun 17, ZeiMoT said:
> > How do I get the grey volume buttons on my R30 to work in Linux?
> The volume buttons on my A30p work without any action on my part.  They
> appear to be handled by the BIOS or the sound hardware.  They don't send
> key events on my system.

That seems not to be the case with my R30.

> > yes, btw, the prev-page and next-page grey buttons that are located beside
> > the arrow keys on the R30, any scancodes for those?
> On my A30p, the X keycodes are 234 and 233.  You can figure out the
> keycodes using the "xev" program.

Is xev supposed to be include with xfree86 ? I cannot find xev in my
Mandrake 8.2, and no package as far as I have found has got the
xev-binary, well, I just have to keep looking for it. In the meantime I'll
try your use your keycodes.

> What version of Windows are you using?  On my A30p, in Windows XP, the
> buttons do Back/Forward in IE.

My R30 came bundled with Win98SE, and I am not sure if I checked those
keys in IE, but I will, and as soon as I have copied the xev binary from
my Debian-box I'll check those keycodes as well.


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