[ltp] Thinkpad 760XL Video and XFree86

Micah DS linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 01:39:46 +0000

First, I wish to thank everyone for attempting to help me in my search to 
get video on my Thinkpad 760XL to work in X...

The information will be used soon (I hope) and I will eventually make a 
webpage regaurding this when I get time... and I would like to contribut it 
to Tino (I think thats right) future page as well... I have been in to 
computers for well over ten years (and I'm not 21 yet =) and I have never 
encountered a problem I could not overcome my-self. This laptop has changed 
that sadly, but I will win!  hehe =)

First I am going to try and Install XFree86 4.2.x (The latest) and try the 
new trident driver and if that fails I will go back and install XFree86 
3.3.6 and try that (I have seen Numerous configs for it)...

I am running out of time to mess with this though, I am working on 3 
websites and they are on hold until I can get something done... (Websites: 
http://www.ameri-med.com, http://www.ameri-sale.com, 
http://www.naturesrus.com) and I have 3 more I would like to do but can't 

This all started when I Couldn't get the Thinkpad to recognize a PCMCIA NIC 
in: Win95B, C, Win98SE, WinNT Workstation, and WinME. They told me the IRQ 
Steering couldn't be enabled (And I couldn't get it to work) - The NICs work 
In linux, one natively... If anyone has information on that, I would love to 
know how to make it work (or a copy the original recovery disks =)

I will Send my findings on this XFree86 Video thing when I am done (within 4 
days)... Again Thank you all for your help =)

Micah (Adam Southerland)
Website Administrator

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