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Eric Jorgensen linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 10:11:02 -0600

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:30:24 +0200 (MEST)
ZeiMoT <zeimot@astrakan.hig.se> wrote:

> Running
> showkey -s
> and then pressing and releasing the left shift button
> gives:
> 0x2a 0xaa
> Holdning the left shift a little longer before releasing gives a lot of
> 0x2a ended with a 0xaa
> Well, I tried to Press the Thinkpad, the Volume- Volume+ and the Mute
> buttons, as expected, they gave no response.
> Holding the shift key down and then pressing the thinkpad button gave the
> same result as pressing and releasing the shift key. The same goes with
> the Volume- Volume+ and Mute buttons.
> Oh, so those keys interfere with the keyboard presses, thus, one might
> think that they are really keys that affects the keyboard scancodes but
> not in a way that we know how to read, right?
> But why does the pressing-left-shift and thinkpad button produce a
> leftshiftpress and a leftshiftrelease? and then when I release the
> leftshiftkey it produces a leftshiftkeyrelease scancode: 0xaa . ?
> Is it possible that IBM has made a new set of Double scancodes that is not
> take in to count by the kernel? Are there any scancode values that are not
> read by the kernel?

	No, the situation is that on many thinkpads (such as the X21 i'm using at the
moment) the special keys are on or near the thinkpad but they don't return a
scan code at all. I suspect that their functions are autonomously handled by the
embedded controller. 

 - Eric

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