[ltp] [announcement] tpb - program to use the IBM ThinkPad (tm) special key

Rob Mayoff linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
20 Jun 2002 02:57:23 -0500

> Read the README file!

Brilliant! Watching a hex dump of /dev/nvram as I press various buttons
(on my A30p) reveals that many of them show up in /dev/nvram: the
ThinkLight, volume, and brightness buttons, and Fn-F7, Fn-F8, and Fn-11.
(Probably other Fn-F# combos too, but the ones that turn off the screen
are harder to monitor.)

The command I used:

watch --differences=cumulative -n 0 od -t x1 /dev/nvram

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