[ltp] APM whilst on AC power

Barnaby Gray linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:42:41 +0100

System: Thinkpad T23, running Debian unstable.

My Thinkpad used to behave itself so that it doesn't automatically
suspend whilst on AC power and idle for several minutes, but now
something I've changed on the system seems to have stopped it from
working like this. Anyone have any ideas? 

/etc/apm/apm_proxy.conf has SUSPEND_ON_AC=false, but then I notice the
comment in /etc/apm/apm_proxy near to where it read the config file
# The following doesn't yet work, because current kernels (up to
# 2.4.18) do not support rejection of APM events.  Supporting this
# will require changes both to the kernel and to apmlib.  We will
# re-enable this when that has been done.
# -- cph@debian.org

So I'm surprised it has ever worked for me!


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