[ltp] Can anyone recommend a good network card...

McCoy, Brig C. linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 03 Oct 2002 01:48:12 -0500

I've been using a 3com 3c589 and it's okay, although only 10 speed. I'd 
prefer a 10/100 which doesn't have a dongle... preferably one with the 
raised edge where you just plug the wire in directly, rather than the XJACK 

Getting picky, aren't I? :)


At 01:41 AM 10/3/02 -0500, wes schreiner wrote:
 >McCoy, Brig C. wrote:
 >> Anyone know of a 10/100 that will work with Redhat 8.0? The only thing
 >> listed in the hardware comparability list is a Kingston card which,
 >> apparently, isn't on the market any more. :(
 >Does it need to be new? I got a 3Com 3c575 (3CXFE575CT) off of eBay for
 >less than $30. It works great. I think there a a bunch of other cards
 >that will work too. Make sure you get a Cardbus card, not a 16-bit
 >PCMCIA card.
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