[ltp] T21 - 2647 8AG - enable S-vhs TV-out

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Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:03:16 -0500

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Subject: [ltp] T21 - 2647 8AG - enable S-vhs TV-out

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|    I have a problem on my thinkpad with Red Hat 8.0: I don't know how to
| enable tv-out.
| My video hardware is S3 Savage IX with S-Video out.
| Did you have an idea?
| Thanks,
|    Stefanao

Either get the driver from the S3 site and/or get the driver from Tim Roberts
site and use the program s3switch

You may have to use parms other than expected.  For me to get lcd and crt I also
have to
specify tv out..  "s3switch lcd crt tv"