[ltp] Modem on A22p with RH 8.0

JC WOODWARD linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 18:38:11 -0400

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James Mckenzie: >Thanks.  Unfortunately, GnoRPM is now depreciated....

Oh noooo ... Does this mean we'll have to learn naked command line rpm?  Yecch.  I
hope it's being replaced with something even nicer than GnoRPM.

>Do you mind if I use your web page as a starter (with credit of course)

Use it any way you wish! ... but if you're going to take quotes from it please use
the attached revised text file which incorporates corrections suggested by Messrs.
Hood and Levin who were kind enough to share their knowledge.

JC Woodward

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The following results from my quest to connect my ThinkPad 600X to the
internet.  Although my experience is specific to the 600X and Red Hat
7.3, I found a great deal of information which may be useful to owners
of other ThinkPad models.

Having spent countless hours trying things that DON'T work, and
having discovered what DOES work,  I pass on my notes in the hope 
that they may be useful.

Winmodem - 
A modem manufactured very cheaply by providing only the interface
circuitry to connect to the phone line and omitting some or all of the
circuitry necessary to convert the audio signals to usable digital
data. Winmodems rely instead on driver software and your CPU to
perform those functions.

Some winmodems have the hardware DSP (Digital Signal Processor) but
no hardware UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter).  The
driver software emulates the UART.  Such modems perform about as well
as full-fledged modems, if not better.  The Mwave/ACP modem on the
ThinkPad 600 and 600E and the Lucent LTModem on the 600X are of this

Some winmodems also lack a hardware DSP.  The driver software does the
digital signal processing, thus severely taxing the host CPU.  These
are the ones to avoid.

DSP modem - 
A winmodem with a hardware-implemented digital signal processor.

Linmodem - 
A winmodem for which driver software has been written to run under
Linux.  Winmodem manufacturers write drivers for Windows, but drivers
for Linux often don't exist. (Until Linux hackers write them!)

LTModem - 
One of the several models of winmodems manufactured by Lucent
Technologies (now Agere Systems).  The excellent LTModem Linux driver
works with all the LTModems.  Several Thinkpad models, including the
390X, TP570E, A20 series, T20 series, X20 and 600X use LTModems.

Mwave (or ACP) modem - 
A winmodem used on several Thinkpad models, including the 600, 600E,
770, and 770/ED/X/Z Thinkpad models. Linux drivers are available from
IBM with updates as recently as 7/18/02.  They are reported to work
very well.

Agere Systems - 
New name for the Lucent Technologies division that develops and
supports LTModems. 


    Much general info for all linmodems and links for drivers
    refers to www.heby.de/ltmodem, below

    Linmodem how to - detailed tutorial for the uninitiated

    LTmodem (a.k.a Lucent Technologies modem)  drivers for linux  
    refers to linmodem howto, above.
            docu for the obsolete version 6.00 Windows 98, NT,
            2000, and ME drivers - only vaguely applicable to Linux.
            precompiled for kernel 2.4.18-3 and ltmodem 8.22a5-1, 
            does NOT install on my RH7.3/TP600X - "flavor" problem.

	    source version, this WORKS.
    Agere Systems (a.k.a.Lucent) modem driver page

            extensive docs on modem AT control commands for all
            Lucent DSP modems. Necessary for writing init strings 
            and programs that talk to modems.
            Self-extracting, self-installing current version WINDOWS,
            not Linux modem driver.

    IBM's 390X, TP570E, 600X, A20 series, T20 series, X20 Lucent Modem
    driver for Linux.
            obsolete ltmodem, does not compile on my RH 7.3, halts with
            undefined variables.
            skimpy doc file - just a few paragraphs.

    IBM's Mwave modem (a.k.a. ACP modem) Driver for Linux. The FAQ 
    page states explicitly that the Mwave driver is for the 600,
    600E, and 770, and NOT the 600X which has the LTModem.

    IBM personal computing support.  Enter your model and other
    numbers printed on bottom of unit then receive detailed
    description including exact installed hardware configuration.

    Linux on laptops's  IBM page - published results of individual
    users experience on many models, including 600x. Refers to Thomas
    Hood's 600 page, and others.
    Thomas Hood's exhaustive TP600 and 600X page.

The LTModem driver package is a fine piece of software.  It
automatically probes to see if it's the right driver for your modem,
checks your system for the right versions of necessary system
components, compiles, builds, installs, and tests itself.  And it
comes with more detailed documentation than you have time to read.
The install script pauses after every step showing a detailed report
of the results so far, and a description of what will take place in
the next step.  If something should go amiss, you'll know exactly what
happened.  Since everything displayed on the screen is also dumped
into a log file, a wealth of information about your system is recorded
in the process.

    install the Linux kernel source files.  
	    (On RH 7.3 the RPM package name is "kernel-source-2.4.18-3" 
	     found in GnoRPM under package group Development/System)
    download ltmodem-8.22a5.tar.gz from http://www.heby.de/ltmodem
    logon root
    cp ltmodem-8.22a5.tar.gz /usr/share
    cd /usr/share
    gunzip ltmodem-8.22a5.tar.gz 
    tar -tvf ltmodem-8.22a5.tar.gz | less 
            (Display contents of tarfile)
    tar -xvf ltmodem-8.22a5.tar.gz | less
    cd /usr/share/ltmodem-8.22a5
    vi 1st-readme   
            (Read the instructions, the 
             following steps are detailed)
            (Probes for Lucent modem, shows detailed info
             Creates output log file ModemDate.txt
             containing many web links to mfgr, etc)
            (THE makefile that compiles the driver
             Creates logfile bldrecord.txt 
	     Be prepared to read many pages of handholding info)
            (makefile to install the driver modules)
            (creates modem device node and adds it to
             /etc/modules.conf enabling automatic loading
             when needed.
             creates symlink: /dev/modem --> dev/ttyLT0)
    plug in a phone line to your TP modem port
            (Preliminary test to see if driver can issue commands to
            the modem. Creates logfile checkout.txt)
    vi ./wvdial.conf 
            (edit to include your ISP phone number, username,
	     password, and add the line:   Modem=/dev/modem)
    cp ./wvdial.conf /etc
            (Tests your modem, should actually connect to your ISP,
             use CTRL-C to disconnect)