[ltp] Modem on A22p with RH 8.0

Andrey Yurovsky linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 22:39:06 -0700

Bluecurve is the name for their new common "theme" for both KDE and
Gnome.  It involves a set of (ugly IMO) icons, placement of said icons,
and on the gnome side a window frame and GTK theme, plus a nautilus
theme.  Essentially you pick Gnome or KDE and use Bluecurve in either
one, they don't have a 'clean' gnome/KDE install in the distribution.

I found that I like the new Gnome but I did not like RedHat's ugly icons
and themes so I am manually changing various look-and-feel things back
to how they should be.  I head KDE people are complaining along the same

And on the topic of the modem... Thank you to the person who posted
"modemmadness.txt" -- I may be able to get a working modem on my 600E

Also, I booted into Windows and ran the IBM config utility and disabled
Trackpoint, my system boots fine every time now since it no longer
checks that device I guess.  So thank you to whoever suggested I do that
(I assumed it would not go BIOS-level).  Why couldn't they have just
included the ability to disable trackpoint in the BIOS configuration?  I
can hold off on repairs now and use a PS/2 mouse until I have more money
: )


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It looks like the Bluewave(?) interface that comes with Red Hat 8.0 has
its own package handler.  Also GnoRPM does come with Red Hat 8.0. Also
you can use Gnome, KDE or the Bluewave interface.

James Mckenzie
On Sat, 2002-10-12 at 15:38, JC WOODWARD wrote:
> James Mckenzie: >Thanks.  Unfortunately, GnoRPM is now depreciated....
> Oh noooo ... Does this mean we'll have to learn naked command line 
> rpm?  Yecch.  I hope it's being replaced with something even nicer 
> than GnoRPM.
> >Do you mind if I use your web page as a starter (with credit of 
> >course)
> Use it any way you wish! ... but if you're going to take quotes from 
> it please use the attached revised text file which incorporates 
> corrections suggested by Messrs. Hood and Levin who were kind enough 
> to share their knowledge.
> Regards,
> JC Woodward

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