[ltp] stop thinkpad suspending on AC

Thomas Hood linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
15 Oct 2002 10:02:09 +0200

With current Linux kernels, there is no way for
a userspace program to reject an APM BIOS request to
enter the APM SUSPEND state.  All userspace can do
is prepare for suspension.

Some of the apmd documentation misleadingly indicates
otherwise, but let me repeat: current Linux kernels
do not support the rejection of suspend events from
userspace.  This feature never got added to the apm
driver.  In particular, it is not possible to reject
a suspend request when the machine is on mains power.

You can use PS2.EXE or tpctl to disable the initiation
of suspend requests under certain circumstances.
However, there is no way to make the behavior depend
on the power source.

Thomas Hood