[ltp] Battery prob on TP600-different

Michael W. Holdeman linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:25:29 -0400

I recently purchased a battery from BatteryZone (ya I know, but I have us=
alot of 2-way radio batts from them with great success.)
Anyway my original just quit, up to that time the charging system on the =
worked fine.
My problem now is, I am trying to determine if the current replacement ba=
is good, and the TP system is messed up, or the batt is bad.

A Diag check on the TP states the MB is good, and everything else checks =
fine. But the batt will not charge most of the time. No lights or anythin=
occasionally the yellow blinks a few times then out.=20
On the occasion when I do get a good charge the batt. seems to hold good,=
about 3-4 hours under active use.=20
Has anyonme else had this exp., any way to diagnose this without purchasi=
another batt>

=09Michael W. Holdeman
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