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Fri, 25 Oct 2002 03:15:45 +0000

Thanks for the information, I'm using Mandrake 9.0 on a
PII 333 Thinkpad 380Z.

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> brianweber4@attbi.com wrote:
> > How does one make Linux speedy?
> Good question.
> *Turn off and/or remove anything you don't really need.  In Linux, you 
> can see everything that's running through the "ps -A" command, and most 
> distros with a package-management system (rpm or dpkg) have a way for 
> you to see what's installed.
> *Where your needs allow it, use "lighter" versions of the same programs. 
>    On my 760XL I'm running Phoenix as my browser; it's smaller, lighter, 
> and less bloated than full-fledged Mozilla.
> *Add more RAM.  RAM is faster than virtual memory in any OS.
> *Overclock!  Or, rather, make sure the heat produced by your system is 
> dissipated quickly.
> *Roll your own kernel, keeping only the features you really need.  If 
> you're really gung-ho about speed, you may want to consider applying the 
> low-latency kernel patch (a good Google should find it for you).
> Just out of curiosity, what's your distro?
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