[ltp] Cisco 350 MiniPCI firmware problem and solution

Ivarsson, Torbjorn (T) linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 2 Dec 2003 06:45:39 -0600

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> On Monday 01 December 2003 07:33 pm, Karl Klashinsky wrote:
> > According to one of our linux-heads here in Cisco, buried 
> deep somewhere
> > within the "ACU Client Utilities" application that is part of the
> > software that is installed on Windows, in one of the preferences or
> > properties dialog, there is a checkbox you can turn off, 
> and that will
> > disable the "auto-update-firmware" thingee.
> I can confirm that this is true.  It is a setting in the ACU.

I'm at work at the moment, so I can't check the ACU. But believe me, I feel like have explored every possible setting in every menu there is in the ACU. Where exactly can I find this setting? I suspect that I may be suffering from the infamous I-can't-find-the-milk-in-the-refrigerator-syndrome... :)