[ltp] ibm x20 tv-out or alternative recommandation

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Tue, 02 Dec 2003 15:18:26 +0100

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Ross Burton wrote:
| On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 13:50, flokno wrote:
|>actually i forgot to mention that i won't buy any computer without tv
|>out port or that has an annoying cpu fan.
|>the notebook has to be able to play dvds, mp3, divx and mpeg on my tv.
|>and it has to be cheap! :) and very quite!
|>and it has to run linux! :)
|>would a 600x be able to do that?
| Why don't you save a lot of money and buy a mini-itx based computer,
| which are designed to be used as media stations and are very
| quite/small.
| Ross

I agree. A mini-itx system would probably be a better (and cheaper)
solution unless you _have_ to move it around (and even so a mini ITX
isn't like those full tower abominations).  I've set up a number of
ITX-based multimedia systems based on Mandrake Linux and MythTV for less
computer experienced friends and they work great. The systems I've used
(VIA-boards) can run without CPU fans (just a large passive heat sink
will do fine). With a quiet hard drive (I've used Seagate Barracuda's)
they are almost impossible to hear unless you put you ear to them. The
only fan is the PSU which can be exchanged for a even more silent fan
(like a Papst) running at a low speed.

My five cents.


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