[ltp] RE: Noisy T41p and T40p??

Joel Ebel linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 03 Dec 2003 09:08:11 -0500

I've noticed some noises as well, however, most of it was when using a 
USB mouse plugged into a dock.  When the mouse is plugged directly into 
the laptop, I don't notice any noise.  It's possible, though I'm not 
sure, that the noise could be greater in windows, as I can't seem to 
reproduce it right now.  I know it happened when I was in windows, and I 
know having the mouse in the dock made it worse.  I had other problems 
with the dock though (mouse jumped around, clie wouldn't sync right), so 
I don't use the USB ports on the dock anymore.  FWIW, I remember these 
noises being much worse on my old Dell laptop, so I think it's probably 
a fairly normal occurrence.


Thomas de Grenier de Latour wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 14:11:48 +0100
> "Antoine Dechaume" <dechaume@imft.fr> wrote:
>>Those weird interference noises seem to me to be permanent and related
>>to display and/or mouse activity, both on linux and XP, but they are
>>clearly amplified under linux when using xscreensaver.
> Same here, on a T40 (the one with Radeon Mobility 7500). What I've
> observed is that there is always a low interference noise when there is
> some graphical activity (moving a window, scrolling text, etc.), even
> without mouse activity (for instance when some compilation commands
> scroll in an xterm). But this one is low. A more disturbing noise is
> also produced by glxgear (the worst being if I minimize the window,
> because framerate increases a lot, and so does the pitch tone). And I
> also have from time to time a very high pitch noise when I have an
> external USB2 disk connected, which really hurts my hears.
> I wonder if returning the computer to IBM would change something, I
> can't believe that all T40 have this issue (do they?). Maybe changing
> the motherboard, or something like this, would solve it...