[ltp] External monitor with IBM T40

IJsbrand Wijnands linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 3 Dec 2003 17:53:41 +0100


I've installed RedHat 9.0 on my T40 and I have a 21" sun monitor connected to my
mini-docking station. When I boot my T40 from the docking station for some
reason it's unable to detect the type of monitor and the refresh rate is very
bad. This worked all fine with my old T21 running RH9.0

After browsing the web I found that I can set the option "MonitorLayout" "lvds,
crt" in the Device section of the XF86Config. That works and the refresh rate
and display mode is fine.

Now the problem is that if I boot my T40 without external monitor I get a blank
screen. I see the T40 boot but as soon as X comes up it's gone. Removing the
"MonitorLayout" option solves that problem..

What I did for now is define 2 Layout's with it's own Screen and Device
section's in the XF86Config file and starting X with 'startx -- -layout
External' or 'startx -- -layout T40Layout'

Does anybody has seen similar problems and came up with a different solution? I
don't really like starting X manually each time and prefer to boot into the
graphic login manager...

Thanks for your response.