[ltp] A31 2652-M6U - SuS2 9.0

Kiko Piris linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 5 Dec 2003 17:57:19 +0100

On 05/12/2003 at 08:27, David Pirotte wrote:

> > > I am about to install SuS2 9.0 professional version on my
> > > thinkpad A31 2652-M6U
> I still really wish to find some linux friends out there that have
> done it, any one?

Er... I don't know exactly what you mean here, I have an A31 2652-KXG
with debian sid. Everything except the softmodem works fine.

It's not suse, I know, but when you talk about hardware support, you
talk about linux (the kernel, I mean); and the distro doesn't matter.

I've been using the -ac branch of 2.4 kernels without any problem at
all. Since this week, I've begun testing 2.6. Things I've noticed that
do not work yet with 2.6 are: thinkpad-modules (a matter of time, I
hope) and sleep.

I suspect they are related one each other; but, to be honest, have'nt
"played" enough with it yet.

One thing I've missed in 2.6 (that comes with 2.4.23) is laptop-mode
(quite handy for laptops where you might want to spin down hard disks).
Though I've read that Jens Axboe is going to port it to 2.6.

Feel free to ask any concrete question you want, I'll be glad if I can
be helpful.



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