[ltp] ACPI on T41p

Hartmut Meyer linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 14 Dec 2003 17:29:48 +0100


Am Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2003 16:00 schrieb Christoph Lehmann:

> I also run suse 9 (acpi = off). but I have the following problem with
> suspend /resume (close lid, open lid on a t21 thinkpad):
> almost everything seems to work after resume, except that there is no
> sound for gnome-events (and dvd sound) AND I cannot log-out and log-in
> in GNOME any more. the log-off dialog comes but, when I press ok the
> system hangs for minutes until I get to the splash-screen and to log-in
> is impossible: it takes minutes- the system is very unstable.

With acpi=off you are using APM instead of ACPI (APM is probably still the 
better choice, if you have a BIOS that does support APM).

However, with APM you relie on the BIOS to take care of proper shutdown and 
resume. If the BIOS does something wrong here (say it suspends the PCI bus 
before it suspends the sound device) then that's likely the problem.

You can try and work around such problems. Have a look at the various APM 
settings in /etc/sysconfig/powermanagment.

With ACPI it's up to the OS to deal with suspend and resume. But this will not 
work with kernel 2.4.x - with 2.6.x this will be better.

Greetings from Bremen