[ltp] T22 dvd, cd, & mp3 playback

Jukka Palko linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 08:55:00 +0200

ext Michael Waters wrote:

>I'm planning on buying a refurbished T22 or T30 to use partially to
>playback dvd & mpeg4 movies and music.  I'd prefer to get a T22 and
>save a lot of money but was wondering whether the T22's S3 SuperSavage
>video and Cirrus Logic CS46xx sound are up to playing back dvds.
>I've read a few reports of problems with S3 video and xv on the mplayer
>list.  I've read that there's no 3D support for S3 but I'd like to have
>excellent dvd playback without any tearing or jitteryness and was
>hoping for any positive or negative reports from T22 owners.
>Is the T22 running linux up to playing dvds and music well?
My experience has been with the T22 that you have to use a 16 bit 
display mode rather than a 24 bit mode in order to get enough 
performance out for DVD playback.

>Thanks for any feedback,

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