[ltp] Kernel 2.6.0 on t40

Rob Browning linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:29:05 -0600

Aaron Mulder <ammulder@alumni.princeton.edu> writes:

> Does standby or suspend-to-RAM work?  Does Fn-F4 invoke it properly?
> And are you using ACPI or APM, or do you have to use ACPI for 2.6?

Last time I tested, suspend to RAM didn't work right, at least not
under 2.6 and ACPI, and nothing worked very well until I *completely*
disabled APIC in the kernel.  If you're intersted, see my previous
post for my current 2.6.0 .config -- suspend works, ACPI seems to
work, and powernowd appears to do a good job, adjusting the CPU from
211MHz to 1.XGHz depending on load, though the upper limit is
sometimes wrong (too low -- about 600MHz), caused I think by booting
from the battery.

When I tested suspend to RAM with test11, the machine would actually
suspend, and then I could wake it back up later, but the video would
never come back.  I had to ssh in to reboot the machine.  After that,
I just switched to using swsuspend all the time.

Hope this helps.
Rob Browning
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