[ltp] CDR Drive for 770 TP

Mendel Cooper linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 25 Dec 2003 14:24:18 -0700 (MST)

There has, in the past, been some discussion about a CDR drive for the
770-series Thinkpad. Someone even tried to transplant a laptop CDR drive
into a 770 CD drive case, but without success, if I recall correctly.
The matter was dropped with the consensus being that a 770 TP wouldn't work
with a CDR drive, nohow and never.

However . . .

This popped up on eBay earlier in the week:

Someone sold a prototype CDR drive for a 770.

    IBM Thinkpad 770 770E 770X 770Z CDRW Drive:  Very Rare.  No other  
    sellers on eBay has this product, nor anywhere else on this planet
    that we can think of!
   * CDRW Drive 8X4X24......8X Write 4X
   * Re-Write 24X Read


    ... maybe this was one of the trial CDRW drives that was supposed to
    come out to production but never got passed the trial / completion
    stage. . . .

So, maybe it isn't hopeless after all.

What I'm really wondering is whether it's possible to make an adapter cable,
to attach between the floppy/CD connector on the 770 and a regular, full-size,
CDR drive. You can pick up a new CDR drive for a desktop for not much more
than $20 nowadays. Just think of the possibilities.

A challenge for all you Thinkpad hardware hackers out there.