[ltp] T40 Mouse Behavior

Dan Borello linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:39:29 -0600

I am using 2.6.0.  It seems that the mouse acts differently depending on
if it was booted with a USB mouse or not attached.  

Normally I have my logitech mouse attached and it works great, and the
touch pad works great.  The stick doesn't work at all, but that doesn't
bother me.

If i don't have the USB mouse attached the touch pad and stick both
work, but oddly.  In looking in dmesg something is mentioned about a
synaptics device, which isn't present when I boot with the USB mouse
attached.  When I use the pad this way it is very hard to use.  It
moves, but not the way one would expect.  It is very hard to hit buttons
and such.  If you just touch the pad and pick up with out moving the
mouse moves to the right.  If you do this in windows it does not so I
know it isn't a hardware problem.  

Also when I try to insert a usb mouse after boot nothing happens, it
doesn't work.  I guess that could be a module problem, I can look into

Does anybody have any idea why the touchpad behaves differently?  An
insight is appreciated.