[ltp] APM on R40e

spacephreak linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
30 Dec 2003 17:37:52 +0100

i'm using knoppix 3.3 too, but with kernel 2.6
battery status and shutdown is running correctly, but i can't switch my
lcd /on/off and i can't change the brightness and volume.
is something wrong in my kernel config?:
ACPI Support = y
	sleep states = y
	ac adappter = y
	battery = y :)
	fan = y
	processor = n
	asus = n
	toshiba = n
	debug statements = n
	relaxed aml = n


On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 16:40, Ari Saptawijaya wrote:
> Hi,
> I also have R40e (with German keyboard as well). As far as i know,
> BIOS of this laptop does not support APM, only ACPI is supported. I
> tried so far some distributions on my laptop:
> - SuSE 8.2 (Installation with ACPI support): I can see the battery
> status and the laptop shutdown by itself (without pressing the power
> button manually). I forgot about the buttons combinations for
> brightness and volume (but as far as i remember, they work as well).
> The bad thing (this is my experience): when I tried to boot the
> machine, sometime it may boot properly, but sometime it was hanging,
> and I should boot it once more to make it work.
> - SuSE 9: Installation with ACPI did not work, installation without
> ACPI worked but you have to manually switch the power button off when
> you shutdown the machine (and no battery status). I'm not happy with
> this. I think those button combinations for brightness and volume
> work.
> - Fedora Core 1: a similar experience as SuSE 9. But in my opinion
> this distro is easier to configure rather than SuSE (maybe this is
> just a matter of taste :P)
> A few weeks ago, I also posted a similar question to this mailing
> list, and I got a response (from Marc Schoechlin) that ACPI work in
> his system (without thermal and processor modules) using kernel 2.6 of
> Debian distro.
> Now I installed Knoppix 3.3 (which is Debian based) using kernel
> 2.4.22 into my system. Originally, no ACPI was there, but those
> buttons (brightness, LCD off, volume) work well (since tpctl module is
> included there).
> Fortunately, I got this website (Thanks Kano!):
> http://kano.mipooh.net/
> which include a script for Knoppix to install ACPI (and update the
> kernel to 2.4.23) and now ACPI works in my system (without thermal and
> processor modules) :)
> It can shutdown properly, and the battery status is there.
> Unfortunately, those special buttons do not work anymore (though tpctl
> module is still there and it is started at the boot time -- in the
> meantime I am working with it, and also post this problem to this
> mailing list).
> I read that this laptop is also Turbolinux 10 Desktop-friendly, you
> can check it here:
> http://www.turbolinux.co.jp/support/tech/compatibility/hwdetect/10.html#6
> Mfg,
> Ari
> spacephreak <eliminater@gmx.de> wrote:
>         Hi
>         Can me somebody help, how i can add a battery status, the
>         function
>         brightness(fn+pos1/end), and lcd on/off(fn+f7) (german
>         keyboard)
>         the other function are not so very inportant for me.i have
>         found a few
>         sites for r40, but it dosn't work. 
>         with the 2.6 kernel i have only problems so a 2.4.* kernel
>         would be
>         better.
>         A".config" file is a second posibility
>         thanks in advance
>         mfg 
>         markus sch.
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